Why You Should Remodel Your Basement this Summer

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When the sun starts rising earlier and earlier, the grass sprouts bright and green, and the days become long and warm, you can bet summer is right around the corner. Summer holds so much potential for change and renewal, and when that comes to your home, that can sometimes mean renovations.

This season is ideal for renovation; everybody would love to have that brand-new addition or refinish to show off to the family at the annual reunion. On top of that motivation, the nice weather can give motivate you to prep for the dreaded, but return of winter, by starting and finishing your big projects.

But, what’s one key area that truly deserves the reno you are thinking about this summer?

The answer; downstairs! The sometimes dark, dingy, underappreciated space right under your feet could become a hotspot and a showpiece at your next family event, and here’s why:

Renovating your basement is great for the most basic functionality of that part of your house. Your basement, because it seems to separate from the main living areas of a home, might be older, or may be suffering from a lack of upkeep. This can lead to sanitary problems or even pest issues. Basements also have to contend with water leakage and flooding, which can cause significant damage.

A basement reno will solve all of these problems and add even more value to your home both as an investment and a living space. You have the opportunity to repair and improve your house on a functional level, including new ventilation, insulation, and water protection, and on a habitation level, with new lighting, optimized use of space, and a fresh coat of paint. Plus, there is an opportunity in a basement for things that may be out of place or inconvenient in other areas of the house.

For example, a dedicated bar section may not be what you want guests to see in the general areas of your house, but a clean, classy basement is the perfect atmosphere to have a bar showpiece that can add entertainment value and a lavish feeling to your space. Or, if you haven’t got room for it in the living spaces upstairs, a faux fireplace can be a styling and comfortable centerpiece to add light and warmth to your home and make the basement a place you can really enjoy.

The Benefits of Renovating Your Basement

The basement is also valuable in the square footage you may not be taking full advantage of. By renovating your basement, you can create a host of new uses for that extra real estate. Top contenders include a much-coveted home gym or a cozy retreat to cuddle up in to get away from the world. The hidden benefit of renovating your basement to make a new space is that you have to opportunity to turn the downstairs from a dungeon to a home! A reno can turn even the cave-best of man caves into a welcoming and lively living room.

The cherry on top is that everything you do down there is just adding value to your home. Making safer, properly maintained, and inviting space out of your basement will reward you personally, and economically.

So, this summer, why not take the next step and make your new home, under your home.

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