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Commercial Renovation Company Vancouver

Commercial Renovation Contractor Vancouver

Once your commercial building is completed, often times most clients over time get complacent about the look of their establishment, since it is not their home, they don’t have that close connection to the aesthetics of the commercial property and they become outdated and stale. The appearance of commercial buddings is even more important than that of the personal home since that is the place generating the revenue to keep your personal home running!

Having a commercial contractors Vancouver such as Walker General Contractors allows a company to freshen up the look of the business which not only attracts new customers but makes existing ones feel that you are investing money into making them happy as well for their continued patronage. WGC is experienced n commercial constructions ranging from downtown West Vancouver to North Vancouver.

Trust WGC to update or rebuild your existing commercial and industrial facilities, we specialize in transforming your outdated commercial and industrial buildings into modern, updated facilities.

A experienced Commercial general contractors Vancouver prides itself on completing your project on-time and in budget and Walker General Contractors are experts at taking seemingly complex projects and delivering cost-effective solutions with minimal or no downtime for your business and employees.

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    Your Commercial Renovations Service Vancouver can be one of the most relaxing, pleasant spaces in your home.

    • Tiling

    • Cabinetry

    • Dry Walling

    • Painting

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical

    • Counter-top Installation

    • Carpentry

    Commercial Renovations Company Vancouver

    Walker General Contractors will advise the client as a reputable Commercial Renovation Contractor Vancouver regarding the latest in design trends and explain step by step the details, so the commercial renovation comes in on time and on budget. The client can enjoy the peace of mind that their business has an updated look. Some of the services that Walker General Contractors offers for its commercial contractors Vancouver are: General carpentry, Masonry & Concrete, Electrical, Mechanical, Siding, Reroof, Plumbing, and Finishing work such as flooring, ceramic tile, bathroom accessories, painting, and signage.

    Attention to detail, the strict adherence to the highest quality of work, and the guarantee to have a minimal impact on the business as the renovation is being done are just some of the things WGC bring to each commercial renovation project. Their understanding of the client’s vision and translating that to actual designs that will work ensure that the client feels good in investing time and money in making their business stand out thru renovations. At

    Please contact us for a free quote or consultations regarding Commercial general contractors Vancouver at 604-781-7785 or send an email to

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    • Conceptualization

    • Brainstorming

    • Execution

    • Refining

    • Inspection

    • Finalization

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