Ideas For Basement Renovations Vancouver

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Basements are rooms with great potential and you can use them for a variety of purposes. Even if it’s currently cold concrete and crammed with boxes of off-season duds, you can turn the lowest floor of your home into a multipurpose room for your extra needs. It can be exactly like what you have above ground and might also become your favorite space in the house. Not only that, but you will also be increasing the value of your home if you ever plan on selling it sometime in the future. An addition is always an investment and you will find that people welcome the idea of extra space in a house.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for your basement remodeling:

  • Unlike a room addition, there is no need to excavate for new footings or worry about structural loads.
  • Utilities (including water, electricity, gas, and sewer lines) are typically close at hand, further reducing costs.
  • Heating and cooling loads are relatively light for basements.
  • Basements almost always have stairs leading to them, unlike many attics (another popular house expansion candidate).

Walker General Contractors can give you amazing quotes for bathroom renovations in Vancouver. Here are all the things your basement could be if you decide to renovate. We will also tell you about all the important facts that should be kept in mind when going for basement renovations Vancouver. You can turn your basement into a socializing area or a huge hall for entertaining. You can also turn it into a recreational room, complete with a home theatre system and games. For this, you should place the main social area in an area that gets the most natural light. Natural light draws people in and creates a homey ambiance. The area that has the television should be a little dark, this is because less light will reduce the glare of the screen and give the feeling of a theatre.

If you plan on getting bedrooms made as part of your renovations, it is best to keep them at the perimeters where there can be windows and natural light sources. Converting a basement has plenty of challenges. Mold and mildew are also common, and natural light is limited. Overhead pipes and ductwork can add further challenges, and if you didn’t anticipate a bathroom when the house was built, the basement toilet may have to flush up.

It is best to have your basement remodeling tested for moisture by taping 2-foot squares of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls. Wait a couple of weeks. If condensation forms underneath, your foundation is not sealed. If droplets form on top, your basement remodeling needs dehumidifying. Walker General Contractors can help you do this when you opt for the package. If space is what you need and don’t have area for an outhouse, a renovation is your best option.

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