5 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

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Bathroom renovations are some of the most exciting and rewarding improvement projects that a homeowner can tackle.

While it can be rewarding to try and tackle your Vancouver bathroom renovation on your own, oftentimes, it is best to hire renovation contractors to make sure your project is seen to completion without a hitch.

When searching for renovation companies in Vancouver, look no further than Walker General Contractor. With decades of experience, our expert team has seen it all in terms of bathroom renovations and guarantees to provide the most affordable and efficient renovation available.

If you still want to take on your Vancouver bathroom renovation on your own, be vigilant to avoid these 5 common bathroom renovation mistakes.

Poor Budgeting

One of the biggest bathroom renovation mistakes is when homeowners build an unrealistic budget. While DIY renovations can save you money by not hiring an outside contractor, the cost of materials or fixing your own mistakes can quickly add up. As you plan your bathroom renovation, be meticulous when building your budget so that your spending does not get out of hand.

Breaking Ground without a Plan

Many homeowners get so excited about their new bathroom that they start the project without a comprehensive plan in place. Not only do you need a design laid out, but you should make a step-by-step guide for what needs to be completed and when. As you start your project, having a thorough plan will help save you money and keep your renovation on track.

Neglecting Small Problems

Bathroom renovations are gigantic projects, and because they are such a big undertaking, it is easy for homeowners to intentionally neglect seemingly small problems that pop up during the process. Little issues like a missing sealant, peeling caulk, and cracked tiles may not seem like a big idea in the midst of a massive project, but they can cause you major issues down the line if not addressed immediately.

Rushing to Completion

When you’ve been working on the same bathroom renovation for weeks or months, it is easy to rush the detail work at the end when the finish line is in sight. Whereas renovation companies will see your project to completion and leave no detail unfinished, many homeowners lose motivation near the end – resulting in a less than the perfect finished product.

Lack of an Expert Opinion

While you may be excited about having full ownership of your bathroom project, expert opinions from renovation contractors are incredibly helpful in the deciphering design, functionality, and project cost. Professionals can help weigh the pros and cons of different materials and styles and give you direction based on what they have seen work best in the past. Even if you do not want to hire renovation companies, neglecting to seek out at least a little advice from professionals can be a big mistake.


Tackling a bathroom renovation on your own can be a rewarding experience, but if the goal is a flawless renovation completed quickly and affordably, then seek out a professional contractor to complete the job.

The experts at Walker General Contractor have decades of home improvement and renovation experience and are simply the best bathroom renovation team available.

No project is too big or too small for Walker General Contractor, so give us a call today to discover how we can help turn your bathroom renovation dream into reality.

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