Vancouver Bathroom Renovations by Walker General Contractors

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Bathrooms are oftentimes the most neglected spaces in our homes. But why should that be when your bathroom can be one of the most relaxing spaces, a place for you to relax and unwind after a hard day at work? But looking at most homes, bathrooms are not designed to their full potential and are therefore not very nice or properly functional. Walker General Contractors has Vancouver bathroom renovations under our capable hands. We can help you make your bath space into something right out of your dreams. We provide a full-service and interactive bathroom design and build process to help turn a utility space into a luxurious retreat or a romantic hideaway.

Not only does it make your space look better than before, but a bathroom also remodeling, or adding a bathroom to your property is a great way to add value to your home while adding to its functionality and usability. A bathroom renovation is an exciting task. But before jumping to choosing the latest tile or bathtub design, there are some less exciting things to consider so your project turns out just the way you dream it. But you wouldn’t have to worry about any of those things if you are working with Walker General Contractors. Since we are a full-service contractor, you can sit out on all the hectic details while we turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

Walker General Contractors is a contractor serving the Vancouver region and deals in all kinds of home renovations and remodels. Our remodeling teams and construction crew are well-equipped and trained to work together with maximum efficiency, so WGC can guarantee that you have a team of dedicated task forces taking care of all aspects of your bathroom renovation. The remodeling of your new bathroom begins with a free consultation with one of our bathroom renovation experts. They’ll listen to your needs and requirements carefully and help you select the best products and fixtures for your custom bathroom design, creating the look and feel you want within your budget. A quotation will be provided to you to help you decide whether you want any other changes or to go ahead with the plan.

At Walker General Contractors, we believe that bathroom remodeling should never be stressful. As your contractor, our aim is to provide you with a top-quality design, the best materials available in the market, and an absolutely stress-free construction process. Your renovation work can include all sorts of changes and details. Details such as radiant floor heating, steam showers, tile inlays, custom glasswork, granite countertops, and spotlighting as well as other quality finishings come together to create the atmosphere of a relaxing spa. We guarantee all of our work. After your bathroom renovation is finished, we assure you that you will be in love with the design you have opted for.

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