Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas For A Dream Work Space

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Got a small kitchen but still want it to look like an efficient and streamlined working space? It may be somewhat taxing to come up with the right design ideas to make small spaces shine, but it is not impossible. Let Walker General Contractors help you build your dream kitchen in a limited area. Here are a few small kitchen renovation ideas that can make the minimal surface area look more than enough for what needs to be done:

When you have a small kitchen, you most definitely can’t use it as a central space for family gatherings, working while cooking, doing laundry, or organizing your mail. The main reason a small kitchen is there is so that you can cook and only cook with limited counter space and only a few functional storage areas. To make that purpose really shine, you need to make sure that your kitchen is equipped with only things that will be needed when preparing meals and absolutely nothing else. You can minimize the area covered by appliances by opting for those that are compact and don’t take up too much room. Consider a fold-away countertop so that you can free up working space whenever needed.

Small kitchens with tight rooms between counters and cabinets that are high up against walls all around can make the already small space feel even more claustrophobic. Reaching up to grab ingredients is not only uncomfortable but inconvenient as well. Instead of going for boxed cabinets when applying your ideas, install shelves and pot and cutlery holders for a more open and spacious look. You can easily show off your favorite crockery pieces this way!

There are many choices when it comes to small kitchen renovation ideas, but you have to keep things at a very minimal theme if you don’t want flaws to be apparent. So make sure that your countertops match your cabinets and that your appliances do not clash with your fixtures. Balance and harmony will make your space look even more spacious. Glass counters, cabinet doors, and tabletops also give the illusion of a bigger place. Glass kitchen doors are also a great option. Your kitchen will get an expanded feel when you add an illusion of extra space using glass.

Lighting is also a very important aspect of the kitchen. Instead of choosing white lights, go for warmer hues that highlight countertops and create shadow play which is great for visual movement. You can also incorporate lighting into your floors and use it to create illuminated rims along your kitchen which will make your floor look even more expensive.

Another idea that can change the look and feel of your space is the color chemistry of your kitchen. Darker colors make small rooms appear even more congested. Go for whites and creams which enhance the sense of openness and are more appealing to the eye. Accentuate light walls with bold fixtures to add a splash of color and give focal points.

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