Consider these Kitchen Layout Designs For Your Next Remodeling Project

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Interior decoration is done these days in a more sophisticated manner, and many well-known planners are contacted to execute these sort of jobs. These are professionals generate ideas about how to decorate the living room and the bedrooms along with the other rooms that are present in an apartment.

Such also is the case of kitchen designs which are done not as a part of interior decoration but is carried out in a separate manner altogether. Similarly, individuals or companies are contacted to take up the contract of kitchen remodeling. A good sense of style and fusion will bring out the perfect combination of interior decoration along with the kitchen designs.

Types of kitchen Layouts

There primarily 4 different types of kitchen layout which have been mentioned below.

  • Corridor style Kitchen layout.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen Layout
  • One-wall kitchen Layout
  • U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

These kitchen layouts are generally available to the public as per their taste and preference. Everyone’s need for kitchen space is not for the same purpose. Certain factors such as the chef’s need should be taken into consideration.

The nearby dining space to the kitchen is equally important as it elevates the overall appearance of the dining area. These factors come into play when it is time to remodel the kitchen along the lines of a single layout over the lines of another layout. The different layouts are described below:-

1. Corridor Style Kitchen Layout

Corridor Style Kitchen Layout

This type of layout generally comprises two parallel walls which are roughly placed 48 inches from one another after the installation of the cabinets. The corridor kitchen space is a small, tight and a narrow space generally found in the single-family residences.

Pros: This sort of layout is beneficial for small and compact families because the things are within close reach.

Cons: Because of the tight, compact space, it is very difficult or impossible to fit a dining table in the kitchen. If the home is large enough for a bigger kitchen, then this option can be avoided.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This sort of kitchen layout is best for medium-sized homes and families. These have been in demand for decades. The letter “L” is formed with the size of cabinets being one bigger than the other.

Pros: The concept of the kitchen triangle comes into play in this sort of layout. The stove, refrigerator, and sink all form a triangular workflow. This layout also uses the concept to its advantage and is the most compact and affordable kitchen idea for medium sized homes. This layout also helps to add a dining area or an island.

Cons: The cabinet space which is at the corner of the kitchen is difficult to access. This corner space becomes the space for old containers and jars. The only way to sort this problem out is to install a lazy Susan that can cycle items throughout this space.

3. One-wall Kitchen Layout

One-wall Kitchen Layout

This layout is the most basic structure that can be used as a part of many kitchen layout ideas. The layout is perfect for long and narrow spaces. Everything that is in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, stove, sink, and dishwasher all are set together on a single wall.

Pros: One of the main advantages is that it is pretty easy and convenient to install. This sort of layout is also the most affordable of the lot.

Cons: The counter space is very much limited to its capacity. The only solution to this problem is to install a kitchen island which will run parallel to the cabinets.

4. U-shaped Kitchen Layout

U-shaped Kitchen Layout Design

This is one of the Modern Kitchen Design ideas. It includes three sections of base cabinets. This layout needs three separate walls to be implemented. The third wall can be exchanged with a peninsula outward which will consist of base cabinets and a countertop.

Pros: The layout offers a considerable amount of space compared to its other counterparts. It packs in all the services it needs into its space. Upper wall cabinets are placed correctly in this layout.

Cons: As the name suggests, the u-shaped space forms a dead end which stops the traffic flow within the home. It is difficult to add a kitchen island into a u-shaped layout.

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