Most Common Mistakes While renovating Your Kitchen

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One of the most common home improvement projects is kitchen renovation. In many homes, the kitchen serves as a gathering spot, dining destination, and, of course, the source of many delicious meals. Some families start and end their day in the kitchen and, as such, kitchen remodeling allows homeowners to create their perfect space. Kitchen remodeling projects vary in scope and size, and it can often be very helpful to hire a general contractor or renovation company to bring your vision to life. At Walker General Contractor we’ve built a reputation as one of the most experienced, high-quality, and affordable general contractor teams available. We’ve learned a lot along the way, including these five common kitchen renovation mistakes.

Choosing Appliances Last

When tackling a complete kitchen remodeling project, many homeowners will choose their appliances last. Many general contractors, on the other hand, will tell you this is a common mistake. Oftentimes it is easier to fit cabinets, counters, islands, etc. to an appliance than it is to try and find an appliance to perfectly fit your completed construction.

Undervaluing Counter Space

Counter space is critical in a kitchen, but many homeowners undervalue it when planning and designing their renovation. It is difficult to add space later, so be liberal in the design and surface area of your countertops in the early stages of planning.

Wasting Usable Space

Perhaps more than any other room in your home, space is key in the kitchen. Many renovators will create a design that looks appealing but is grossly underutilizing the space available. Instead of this approach, try and make every surface usable and every available space function as a cupboard, shelf, drawer, etc. By doing so, your new kitchen will be much more functional, organized, and aesthetically pleasing.

Forgetting the Budget

This goes for any home renovation, but it is especially easy to get carried away with the budget for your kitchen project. The best way to avoid exceeding your budget or getting to trigger-happy while in the throws of your project is to create a thoughtful plan ahead of time. Plan some extra wiggle room in your project budget so, in case you do want to make some changes along the way, you don’t end up in over your head.

Neglecting to Protect the Rest of your Home

Kitchen renovations are very exciting, but they are also very messy. Before you dive in and start your project be sure to put in a lot of effort and care toward protecting the rest of your home. Doing things like putting down ground tarps, covering furniture, and sequestering your kitchen from the rest of the home will prevent your kitchen project from spilling into the rest of your home.

As an experienced renovation company, Walker General Contractor has seen it all in terms of home improvement projects. With decades of industry exposure, we have been able to learn from both projects done well while also learning to identify common mistakes. As you plan for your upcoming kitchen remodel or renovation, consider the five common mistakes outlined above, and always feel free to give our experts a call to discuss plans, request a quote, or get your project started with a team of experts at your side.

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