Vancouver Special Renovations for Your Homes

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We Have Some Special Renovation Ideas

Choose Walker General Contractors in Vancouver BC for the renovation of your Vancouver Special home. From planning and design, through all aspects of construction, the experienced team at Walker General Contractors can work closely with you to manage all aspects of your project ensuring beautiful, high-quality results.

With our adherence to clear communication, we’ll work with you to make sure your unique vision is realized. We not only build homes, we build relationships. With our trademark meticulous attention to detail, you can feel confident that every step of your project has been placed in capable hands.

We have some great ideas for your Vancouver Special Renovation.

We can offer some important things to consider before remodelling, some ways to save money, design options, and help you make informed decisions about your space. We can completely remodel your home or focus on your basement, bathroom or kitchen. We can even limit our work to the home additions that you specify.

A Reputation Built on a Solid Foundation

Transforming your Vancouver Special home into high quality and highly functional upgrade is a specialty of Walker General Contractors. We have built a great reputation as a home renovation contractor in Vancouver. We know the current design trends and design details of the Vancouver Special Market, resulting in each renovation being a beautiful balance of form and function.

What is Vancouver Special House?

The Vancouver Special was originally designed to maximize the square footage of lots in the 33-foot lot range. Although renovations to these structures are still subject to this limitation, this once cheaply and quickly made style of home is now seeing a resurgence in popularity due to innovative design and technical advancement.

Most of the renovations may be cosmetic due to a basic good bone structure. But with a thorough knowledge of the building and the fact that there are some great design elements to work with, they can be turned into a space that is more open, airy and energy-efficient.

For instance, we can show you how to expand spaces by removing or relocating non-loadbearing walls.

We Can Make Your Vancouver Special Home Your Own

Vancouver Specials house structures have certain challenges to their layout, but we know how to turn these layouts into your own unique space. It is important that a contractor’s specialty matches up with your specific needs, and whether or not they’re the best fit for your project. That is why we make sure to listen to you and communicate clearly with you, what we’re hearing you describe regarding your needs.

Whether your floorplan needs to be opened up, provide more light, or completely changed, we know the ins and outs of the Vancouver Special structure. We are familiar with what we’re working with. We can transform what you may see as a “plain Jane” home into the upgraded sanctuary of your dreams.

Our design ideas will inspire you.

We use the latest technological innovations to reimagine a dated look and make it cool. Walker General Contractors see Vancouver Specials as having huge potential, that represent what can be done with ingenuity, creativity, and attention to detail. They are a great opportunity to dramatically transform an old space into a prestigious showpiece.

Walker General Contractors are Your Best Choice for Vancouver Home Renovations

We have been providing expert home renovation services for 10 years. In that amount of time, we have built a great reputation for quality and for building great relationships. This is a perfect combo for turning your Vancouver Special house and turning it into a beautiful home.

If you are ready for a renovation, or if you are searching for the right design for your home, contact Walker General Contractors for a free consultation.

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