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If you have decided to build a home in your favorite region, the one where you were born or that of your heart. Beyond the type of home and its modern or classic style, you do not really suspect the importance of design quality that will support your future home. Choosing the floor of his land is the first of the actions to be undertaken by the future owner.

This can only be done with the help of a specialist who will undertake design characterization studies. The way to build a house is obviously different depending on the type. The first element of a building, the foundations, must adapt to the design. And the cost of foundations -so the overall cost of the entire construction can vary greatly depending on the type of design. It is therefore in the interest of the future owner, if he has the choice of the plot, watching very closely the composition of the design of each plot before making his choice. Thus, home contractors know that clay is particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity.

Similarly, ground located too close to a water table over time may let seep water to the level of the house, which may well cause rising dampness on the walls. A floor made of fill, inherently less compact than a natural design can cause cracks in the house if no prior compacting is done in the state of the art before building foundations. For this, it is necessary to hire a geotechnical, Vancouver home design specialist, who will perform all physicochemical analyzes needed to characterize as finely as possible the terrain to build. In addition, the sale of land must be accompanied by a legal document specifying the nature of technological risks (presence of a plant or facility listed near the ground), natural hazards (floods), and risks seismic, all related to the geographical location of the future house.

The future builder obviously takes into account the important parameters related to all of the risks identified for the good design of the house. Some risks may well influence the drainage system and the sizing of the different parts of the house. There are some mistakes that people make in the process, and then there are errors. Rare is the case when absolutely everything goes according to plan, but some problems are worse, more dangerous, and more expensive to fix than others. Many people get excited when they design the home of their dreams and end up with a design that has a construction cost that is beyond the available budget.

A variety of restrictions may apply with respect to the design of a house. You should be familiar with the restrictions of the area, local laws, building codes, and regulations applicable to any homeowner association. A house can have a wonderful design, but be completely useless if the site is not large enough to accommodate or otherwise limited construction. Everything must be evaluated multiple times. There are also available many designs that can be chosen before starting to construct a home.

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